GCD / WHITE SPACE - Reflection

10/11 Nov 15

During my performance review with my tutor, I talked her through my concept for my manifesto and the ideas I had to develop it into a final piece, these were:

- Zine - using the no gender theme. produce a zine showing gender equality through fashion.

- Photo - Containing group of people against a wall. All figures are cut out and a either white or pastel colour fills the shape. Shows that people are all the same.

- Large painting/collage a2 canvas - could combine the elements of genderless collages that I have done in my sketchbook, while using white space to draw attention to the key parts of the painting. Composition and layering of images similar to the graphic prints of Raf Simons.

Her feedback was to make a garment out of existing clothes and fabrics rather than making one out of collages. 

I started my piece by cutting an arm off of an existing mens suit jacket, this was to alter it to give it the less 'formal' mens look and also to fit in with the skirt part which I would add later on. As the jacket was blue I spray painted it with white paint until I acquired the look and finish that I wanted. I then attached a piece of white fabric to the bottom of the jacket wrapping around it in a ripple effect creating a skirt aspect to it. The idea of this piece was to create a uniform that could be worn by male and females which cancelled out all gender and ethnicity, making everyone equal and with a sense of belonging and community through peace. The garment doesn't look too masculine or feminine, yet compliments both sexes well. 



09 Nov 15


Above is the manifesto which I created today. This ideology came to me while breaking down what I thought 'White Space' meant to me and how it could be in different contexts. I started to think of different ways of showing my manifesto through different art pieces which I could create, one of my first initial ideas was to create a 'zine' showing a mixture of collages and fashion collage illustrations.

My first collage shows a male and female face layered to show half of each with the second line of my manifesto on top of the eyes ('there will be no gender'). I was inspired for this look by the work of Barbara Kruger but applying it to a more modern contemporary look which related to my theme of peace and equality. My other collage piece is a fashion illustration based image that was created using cut up parts of a photo of a mens suit, which I have collaged to create a womens dress showing the relation between mens and womens fashion. I have used a lot of white space in this drawing and the small facial features and shoes turn the piece from just a jagged object into a fashion illustration. Below is a part of the two page collage which I created to show that people are all the same as religion and ethnicity are not something that should separate people from one another, this collage shows many different varieties of people and I have painted/chalked over them only showing their eyes. The title sentence at the top reads 'when we die the same ditch gets dug' which is a quote from the song 'Mixed Feelings' by Logic - I feel its a graphic yet striking sentence that really hit me when I first heard it as he ends the song with it, it made me realise more than ever that racism was just driven by fear and in reality there is no reason why we can't get on with people from different backgrounds to our own.






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